Friday, December 4, 2015

After watching Americans trash Muslims for months upon months, blaming them along with President Obama for all of the world's problems, Donald Trump give his two cents which is worth relatively none.

Trump wants to rid the country of anyone who's not white and rich is basically the feeling I get from this, he's today's white supremacy advocate, and just happens to have enough money to become famous. He's a bat shit crazy billionaire but is somehow leading the polls.

Trump also said he wanted to put badges on Muslims. Now remind me the last time a leader put badges to deem someone inferior... Hitler? Who made Jewish people wear badges in the 30's and 40's. Donald Trump is becoming the equivalent of Hitler but the opposite as well, by that I mean he's radical but not a good leader.

President Obama is a pretty funny guy, but he still can't compete with political comedians and satirists like Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart. Obama took a shot at it for one night as he took over The Colbert Report for a night a week before the shows finale.

Maybe President Obama can be funny for a night, but its clear he should stick to politics. He made good points even being sarcastic about Healthcare and Senator Mitch McConnell.

His biggest point was about the Obamacare website, and his clever promoting actually helped with enrollment in the program. He talked about the "let it loaaaaad!" time period of the Obamacare website where nothing worked and how his programmers had worked to fix it. He used The Colbert Report as a tool to let people know its up and running, that it works and that people have already signed up. That's a clever move by President Obama and one we haven't seen a president pull before now; using comedy and a TV show to push his programs the way he did.

Thanks Obama

Thanks Obama, for a funny video that makes light of recent trend blaming President Obama for the world's problems.

Why are people actually blaming Obama for problems he didn't cause or even influence at all in some cases?

The Patriot Act of 2001- They blaming him for spying on people, NEWS FLASH, that was President Bush. People blame him because it came to the light during Obama's presidency but it was set up by George Bush,

The Bengazi Scandal - Although this happened during Obama's presidency, it was not directly his fault, it was a miscommunication and lack of experience in the chain of command. President Obama can't appoint every person in the government, so the tip that there would be an attack should have been relayed to him eventually, but it should have been prevented long beforehand.

Tray Radel - The new Rob Ford

In 2013, a representative from Florida, Tray Radel, pulled quite the stunt when buying cocaine from an undercover FBI agent. He plead guilty months later to possession of cocaine, and was sentenced to a year of probation. The big hit; he didn't resign. Radel did everything but resigning; keeping his job, he stopped attending sessions of Congress, started a session in rehab to fix his drug problems.

The only good thing about Radel was he donated his salary to charity for the time he was in rehab, but that didn't last long when the Republican Party urged him to resign. Finally, after months upon months of his constituents telling him "you need to focus on your family" and some even saying "you don't belong here", he finally sent John Boehner a letter saying he resigned.

So Radel found out the hard way who not to buy drugs from, then tried to keep his money, it took a year for him to come to his senses and realize he was in the wrong.

Food Stamps

I may be pretty liberal when it comes to fiscal issues, but people on welfare and using food stamps are; buying lobster, steak, alcohol, cigarettes, gambling, and not using the money to take care of their families. So why are they able to do these things? Because our welfare system is flawed. I'm 100% okay with paying taxes and giving it to other people when they use it responsibly; taking care of kids  buying normal groceries, household supplies.

Missouri recently changed its policy to where those who are on welfare can only buy off-brand food, no alcohol, no lottery tickets. They have greatly restricted the use of welfare to just the necessities.

Why is this a good thing? Some say its bad to restrict people on what they can buy, but it saves tax payers money, it means their money is going to something useful.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

FBI's Wasteful Spending

In the past 5 years, the CIA has been under a large amount of scrutiny for many things; paying for prostitutes, torturing innocent people, letting innocent people die in Bengazi... But what can we really trace back to the CIA? All of it. Everything they have been doing "behind the scenes" is a little shady.

First, they recently released the report that gave details on their many torture tactics like waterboarding, sleep deprivation and a few other odd tactics like blasting Metallica over a speaker for 12 straight hours. Either way, what they did was despicable. After the Patriot Act of 2001, around 125 people were arrested, all of whom tortured, and 97 of which were found completely innocent. We tortured innocent people, a lot of American citizens in Gitmo that had no reason to be tortured. Some of whom we tortured were criminals, some were terrorists, but at least they could be sure they had some ties to a terror plot or group before torturing them! Is it that hard to do a few phone checks? To look through their messages?

Then there are the prostitutes that were bought in Brazil a few years back. American tax payers were paying for our agents to go have sex with Brazilian whores, hows that for "tax dollars hard at work"? Are you kidding me? They weren't even fired for what happened, just fined and the person in charge was suspended until they could "investigate the incident" which they quickly did and never filed a full report on.

Ultimate Traitor or American Hero?

Edward Snowden is a name that everyone knows now as either a great American hero or the ultimate traitor to our country. He leaked information regarding the "secrets" of the NSA and the "spying" that took place after the enactment of the Patriot Act of 2001 under the Bush Administration.

So is Snowden a traitor? Those who say he is believe he sold secrets of the United States, they say he gave away valuable information that is crucial to the country's security. Some want to charge him with espionage and the radicals, like Donald Trump, want to execute him. How is that justifiable? Why kill a man who has unveiled government corruption? Did he jeopardize American lives? No. None of that is justifiable, none of it is right. Charging him with treason and giving him a few years may still be extreme. No he should not have released government secrets because they are valuable for security, but when they also protect the freedom of the people; he has a right to release and we have a right to know.

Those who say he is a hero say so because; he is keeping us from government tyranny, from becoming a police state where everything is controlled by the few. There is some reason behind those who say he is a traitor, we do need security. The important thing is to find a balance of security and trust between the people and government.

Rob Ford and His "Hunger"

In the past 3 years, the former mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford has been accused of many things; adultery, drug abuse, prostitution, and many other things. Why would a mayor, a politician in general, do these things at all? They public is always looking into the lives of politicians and hope they are transparent, and Rob Ford was, but only to a point. What was he not so clear about?

"I do not use crack cocaine, nor am I an addict of crack cocaine"- said Ford in May of 2013, at first denying his obvious drug use that was caught on video.

Then in November he finally admitted, "Yes I have used crack cocaine, probably in one of my drunken stupors."

So he smokes crack, as a mayor, and was still the mayor for some time. The second was said after he "had a little bit". Not only does he do drugs, he makes public announcements while under the influence.

Then later, he had his public announcement about the adultery accusation; "She said I ate her p****, I'm happily married, I've got plenty to eat at home." How can a public official say that ON TELEVISION and not be impeached, voted out of office, something? Anything? No? It was a very clever statement if you're a high schooler or frat boy talking with your buddies but to make a statement like that on television? Come on Toronto, how did this guy win the election?