Thursday, December 3, 2015

FBI's Wasteful Spending

In the past 5 years, the CIA has been under a large amount of scrutiny for many things; paying for prostitutes, torturing innocent people, letting innocent people die in Bengazi... But what can we really trace back to the CIA? All of it. Everything they have been doing "behind the scenes" is a little shady.

First, they recently released the report that gave details on their many torture tactics like waterboarding, sleep deprivation and a few other odd tactics like blasting Metallica over a speaker for 12 straight hours. Either way, what they did was despicable. After the Patriot Act of 2001, around 125 people were arrested, all of whom tortured, and 97 of which were found completely innocent. We tortured innocent people, a lot of American citizens in Gitmo that had no reason to be tortured. Some of whom we tortured were criminals, some were terrorists, but at least they could be sure they had some ties to a terror plot or group before torturing them! Is it that hard to do a few phone checks? To look through their messages?

Then there are the prostitutes that were bought in Brazil a few years back. American tax payers were paying for our agents to go have sex with Brazilian whores, hows that for "tax dollars hard at work"? Are you kidding me? They weren't even fired for what happened, just fined and the person in charge was suspended until they could "investigate the incident" which they quickly did and never filed a full report on.

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