Friday, December 4, 2015

President Obama is a pretty funny guy, but he still can't compete with political comedians and satirists like Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart. Obama took a shot at it for one night as he took over The Colbert Report for a night a week before the shows finale.

Maybe President Obama can be funny for a night, but its clear he should stick to politics. He made good points even being sarcastic about Healthcare and Senator Mitch McConnell.

His biggest point was about the Obamacare website, and his clever promoting actually helped with enrollment in the program. He talked about the "let it loaaaaad!" time period of the Obamacare website where nothing worked and how his programmers had worked to fix it. He used The Colbert Report as a tool to let people know its up and running, that it works and that people have already signed up. That's a clever move by President Obama and one we haven't seen a president pull before now; using comedy and a TV show to push his programs the way he did.

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