Thursday, December 3, 2015

Ultimate Traitor or American Hero?

Edward Snowden is a name that everyone knows now as either a great American hero or the ultimate traitor to our country. He leaked information regarding the "secrets" of the NSA and the "spying" that took place after the enactment of the Patriot Act of 2001 under the Bush Administration.

So is Snowden a traitor? Those who say he is believe he sold secrets of the United States, they say he gave away valuable information that is crucial to the country's security. Some want to charge him with espionage and the radicals, like Donald Trump, want to execute him. How is that justifiable? Why kill a man who has unveiled government corruption? Did he jeopardize American lives? No. None of that is justifiable, none of it is right. Charging him with treason and giving him a few years may still be extreme. No he should not have released government secrets because they are valuable for security, but when they also protect the freedom of the people; he has a right to release and we have a right to know.

Those who say he is a hero say so because; he is keeping us from government tyranny, from becoming a police state where everything is controlled by the few. There is some reason behind those who say he is a traitor, we do need security. The important thing is to find a balance of security and trust between the people and government.

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