Friday, October 9, 2015

Guns on Campus

In the state of Kansas, new laws dictate that guns no longer need to be concealed to be carried on college campuses as well as in public areas. Why do Kansas law makers insist on putting more kids in danger?

"The only thing that's gonna stop a bad guy with a good guy with a gun", that might work in some instances, but think of all the college kids who are not in the best state of mind. Is it a good idea for a college kid to conceal a weapon when going to a party? What if the kid consumes alcohol, last I checked, a large percentage of college kids do, and lots of it. When the student becomes angry and draws a firearm, the whole party takes a different turn. How many deaths will this cause compared to how many it will save? How many mass school shootings happen every year, and how many aggravated battery cases happen every day? Think if the attacker has a gun, if he's angry enough to put someone in the hospital, he might just be angry and crazy enough to shoot them.

Also, how many students are going to walk around waving their guns, flaunting them and intimidating those who don't have them? Every "gun nuts'" kid is going to walk around as if he owns the campus.

Guns on college campuses are an absolutely horrible idea. In a perfect world where college kids are as responsible and mature as society makes them out to be, it would be brilliant for those responsible students to have weapons to defend themselves from actual threats, but news flash; most college kids are just that at heart: kids.

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