Sunday, October 25, 2015

Spotlight on Carlos Danger

In 2013, the New York mayoral race heated up in more ways than one. Democratic candidate Anthony Wiener humiliated himself as well as his poor wife by sexting at least 3 women under the name "Carlos Danger", sending nude photos as well as trying to sleep with them. Wiener is was caught, he was turned over to his wife, he was humiliated himself by hosts of talk shows, by other candidates, by everyone, yet he did not withdraw from the race. Not only did he finish last among the Democratic candidates, he lost his career and wife.

This is not his first scandal by the way, this happened and caused his resignation from congress in 2011. What name did he go under before? If you guessed Carlos Danger you're correct again. Who in their right mind would use the same name, do the exact same thing, and expect to still have a place in politics? We're likely to see Wiener try for the presidency next and lose because of a crazy sex scandal. If we're being honest, there are other reasons he'd lose, but still; is it that hard to learn your lesson Carlos?

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