Sunday, October 11, 2015

Why Should Marijuana be Legal?

Marijuana is seen as demonic by some, and a blessing to others, so why are people pushing so hard for it to be illegal everywhere, yet they go drink at a bar for hours after they lobby against this "drug"?

Studies show that marijuana is not as bad as alcohol in short term effects and generally the same in long term effects, so why do hypocrites say that weed is such a bad thing? Like most new things, whatever people don't understand, they are afraid of. People are afraid to legalize it because they've never had an experience with it, they don't know what it really does. "It must turn me into a bumbling idiot", well what does alcohol do to you? They do the same thing but when it comes down to it and you need to function, you can do it after smoking marijuana, not after a few shots.

People may not want to legalize it, but if that is the case then why not make alcohol illegal? More people have died from alcohol poisoning in the past year than have ever died from overdosing on marijuana, because exactly 0 people have ever died from that, it is literally impossible.

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