Sunday, October 11, 2015

Stop Denying Global Warming

In Today's world we have a few groups of people, those who believe in science, those who believe in religion, and those who believe in both when it comes to the changing of the world. Evolution is a common argument, how man was created, but that doesn't effect our daily life. What does is the other major topic that scientists and religious leaders bicker about; global warming.

Many Christians believe in science as many smart scientists believe in Christianity, but there is a group of radical Christians who deny that science has its place in the "real world". They believe Global Warming is a lie, evolution is wrong, and the Earth was created by God just a few thousand years ago. Science has come to prove all of those things wrong, not just wrong on some, dead wrong. Those who deny Global Warming, Marco Rubio, Lynn Jenkins, Pat Roberts,Rand Paul, John Beohner, and so many more, refuse to believe it exists and that humans have not caused anything to change.

Science has shown that there is a link between greenhouse gasses and human carbon emissions, and that both cause Global Warming. A general consensus among scientists is that it exists and that we caused it, we expatiated the process and could cause the world to plunge into a meltdown state if we aren't careful. Yes it was bound to happen eventually due to the natural fluctuation of the Earth's temperature, but it isn't supposed to go this fast.

The first step in fixing it is recognizing there's a problem.

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