Sunday, October 11, 2015

Republican's View on Immigration

In today's world, people always say "think of the children!", oh yes, think of the children is all we hear nowadays when they want money for charity or cans for a food drive, but most of America's children are doing just fine. But what about other countries? In particular, Mexico and South America; where the kids have no food, no shelter, half the time they have no family because they're sent here to the "land of opportunity" to find a better life, and then are turned away.

In 2014, President Obama let 50,000 kids stay in the United States, kids that were sent here to find better lives. He was shamed by Republicans and other conservative groups because "we don't need more of those immigrants in our country". Hey, news flash conservatives, your families were once immigrants too! If we turn away these poor kids then what makes this country better than any other? America is great because when another country needs help, whether it be their government or their people, we reach out to help them. We are the World's police, or that's the reputation we have set up for ourselves and help people like police should. President Obama was in the right when he made accommodations for the kids to stay, he did what any other caring person would do.

Its understandable when you turn away a man who's known to be a former drug addict from entering the country, but to turn away a defenseless child who has given up everything to be standing in our country today, we would have to be heartless.

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