Friday, October 9, 2015

Trump's Craziness

Hello to those reading, I’m Brenden Williams,and I’ll be taking you through what I think are the biggest political blunders going on in our society. I’d like to give a little background on myself first; I’m a small town kid from Sabetha, Kansas, which is only an hour north of Topeka, a very conservative Republican town, so I’m not sure how that influenced me to be the way I am now. I’ve always been interested in politics, the main reason I chose this topic, because of a man named Jon Stewart, host of The Daily Show for 16 years. I proudly say I didn’t miss an episode for 7 years, and he will be missed as my favorite TV host. I’m very liberal when it comes to politics, and usually side with Democrats on most subjects, but that does not mean they don’t mess up a lot, they’re still politicians, and like all politicians, they’re hungry for power. So now I move on to my very first political mess up, involving Donald Trump, and Lindsey Grahm. 
First off, I would like to say this; Trump will never win the Republican nomination. He’s too radical, he’s too insane, no women, no African Americans, no Latino citizens will ever vote for him because of the comments he’s made the past 3 months. He has said no women over 120 pounds are beautiful, a very strong and very wrong statement. He has called Latinos “murderers, rapists and drug addicts” but he assumes “some…are good people”. He is a bully, not an innovator. People say “well he’s not a politician, that’s why I like him”, which is a bad reason. Ben Carson, a neurosurgeon, was also never a politician, and is a much better candidate. He seems smarter, more composed, and doesn’t try to push people around. I may be a hard press Democrat, but I would vote Ben Carson over Hillary Clinton. I would never vote Donald Trump however.
So that brings me to my first question to GOP candidates, why are you fighting him?
Recently, Donald Trump released Lindsey Grahm’s personal phone number on TV, making him seem irrational, unreasonable, downright insane. Then to retaliate, instead of changing his number, instead of a press release by Grahm saying he did so, instead of doing something logical and strategic, Grahm released a video of him smashing phones. Why are people fighting Trump? He could’ve easily been seen as the more mentally stable candidate if he had just ignored the remarks about him, ignored his phone being released, and fixed it with a quick call to his mobile carrier. No, he had to go out of his way to smash iPhones with golf clubs and make Trump seem sane.
There is my first political blunder I wanted to comment on, for future politicians and public officials; you can’t win against crazy.

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